Thursday, October 22, 2009

Miracle Time Is Here!

Well, the time is here, now!  I have been expecting this for a long time.  I have been here before.  I got to a place several years ago when I only had one dollar left to my name.  I raised it up to the sky and I said, 'Father, this is my dollar, where are yours?'  Within an hour I had $2000, cash, in my hands!  I have had several instances like this in my life, and wrote about them more extensively in 'My Life Of Miracles', and I am here again.  Today.

19 months ago I lost my job, like many others and I read today that over 7000 benefit recipients are losing their benefits DAILY!  Today I found out that I  might lose mine too.  I have been diligent seeking another job so I can continue writing.  I don't know for sure yet.  They said they would call me today to let me know if I would have my benefits extended or not.  I prefer to find gainful employment.  I have never not worked, and I am not comfortable being on benefits.  I wrote President Obama, Denver's Mayor, and Colorado's Governor, months ago, and told them that we 'wanted a hand up, not a hand out'.  But I know something that a lot of people don't know and I am going to share with you.  I wrote about it in "Hope In The Wilderness" in my blog: I have known for months and months that during this time those who call themselves Believers, are going to see some astonishing things! 

When I was told that I might not have my benefits extended, I felt ABSOLUTELY no fear or concern because I knew what I had heard.  This might sound a little 'wacko', but it is when I am up against a wall, that I get real excited!  I am excited now because I know that I am going to see God show Himself strong on my behalf, and those who have heard the same thing I have.  This time, nothing we do is going to get us out of our situation.  Many of us didn't help to create this situations, and many did contribute to their own situation.  No judgement, just an observation.  This is the time, and it has been long in coming, that God is going to do miraculous things.  Things that the world will see and watch in wonder, and be in awe that these things are occurring in some people's lives.  I have seen many miracles in my life, and the reason I wrote about them in 'My Life of Miracles'.  I had to write about it now, at this time, because I believe that many are walking in fear, stress, and hopelessness.  Don't.  Easy to say, I know, but believe me, there is a reason why all of this happened at this time.  God didn't create it, He merely allowed it, we have free will.  But for many of us, we have known that it is during these times, that we see what God does.  He said, 'I will meet you at the point of your need.'  When I had this revealed to me, years ago, I had a quick vision of the point of a needle.  He doesn't meet next month's needs today, or 10 days from now.  He meets our needs at the very  point of need, so that we know only He could have done it.  That is how I got $2000 delivered into my hands those several years ago.  I have seen Him do this for me several times.  One time it was $4000, another time $15,000, and another time $14,000.  There have been other times.  Suffice it to say that I have seen enough of these instances before that I now EXPECT God to  move just as strongly, if not stronger.  The Labor Board, an employer(s), banks, or other people, are not my source.
I already know that my part is to do all that I can, and then stand and watch to see what He does.  I am positively sure that this time, greater things are going to be shown to us.  Whenever I have done all that I can, I just hand Him the rest of it. I don't hand it to Him every day, just once.  He is not hard of hearing, nor does He forget.  I also do one other thing, I tell Him to do His will, not mine, in my life.  Every time I have done that, He has given me more than I could have done for myself.  Every time, without fail.  This time it is different because there are many people who have made gods of their education, their jobs and their intelligence and forgotten about God.  Right now, people with long standing jobs, high educational degrees, and investment portfolios are finding out that none of that can help them now.  People are losing their money, their jobs and their degrees have become an obstacle rather than an asset.

I don't know what the peson calling me today might say to me.  She may tell me that I have no extension to my benefits, or that I might.  I turned it over to God, and await His decision, not that lady who is calling me later today.  I don't tell God what I need.  He already knows.  I don't tell Him what I want.  He already knows it all.  To many of you, I no doubt sound too pollyianic.  But I know on whom I have placed my faith.  And it is a faith He gave me. 'I am the author and the finisher of your faith.' He built my faith by letting me see where He has stepped in when I have 'done all that I can on my own,' then given Him the rest.  When I wrote 'You Must Be Like A Child To Enter,' I talk about what this really means.  It was very hard for me to become like a child with God, but He taught me, one experience after another, until I had no choice but to realize that it was He who had stepped in.

So today, yes, I do expect Him to step in and show Himself strong on my behalf.  You do the same!  You can trust Him, you can rely on Him.  He is not called 'The Rock of Ages,' for no reason.  He placed you here, and here you will be maintained until He calls you home.  Be wise and realize that this is the perfect time to turn your face to Him and let Him know 'I am not moved by what I see, I am not moved by what I hear.  I am only moved by the Word of God.'  'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'  He does this because you will recall that Jesus said at the cross, 'Why have you forsaken me?'  He was forsaken so that we would not be.  Remember, 'No weapon formed against me shall prosper,' and 'When the enemy comes against me one way, God will DEFEAT him and cause him to flee 7 different ways'.  Most of all, remember that the enemy was defeated at the cross, and he was made a spectacle of before the world.  Now is the time for you, for all of us, to live like Believers, and realize that we 'are not to live by the rules of the world.'  That too is Biblical.  We are not beggars, and we are not orphans.  We have a Father who said, 'Never have I seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed go begging for bread.'  We are the righteous, not because of what we do, but because of 'whose' we are.  We are righteous because of Jesus, it is his righteousness God sees when He looks at those who believe in the Lord.  Believe in the sacred sacrifice on the cross.  Anyone who 'believes in the Lord,' are the seed He is talking about.

I will wait on what He does, and of course I will add it to this blog.  In the meantime, examine yourself and ask yourself, 'Do I really have an abiding faith in God?  Do I really believe what His word says about what He has for us.'  'No one can think, believe, or imagine the wonder-full things that God will do for them that love the Lord.'  This is why I don't tell Him what to give me, or do for me.  His desires for me are greater than what I can ask for in my puny mind.  I wrote 'What Does God Mean by Love?' because when I found what the word 'love' really meant in the original Greek, it changed my life about the way I walked with God and people.  Walk 'in agreement and in harmony' with God's plan for you, and then you can say you love God, for that is what love means to God.  That is the first commandment.  Read it and replace the word love with that definition and you will see that the other commandments will fall right into place. 

Yes, Miracle Time Is Here!  I am excited to see what God is going to do. No, let me correct that.  I am excited to see what He has ALREADY done, because He sees the end from the beginning and He knew this day was coming for me, and for you.  Just like He would not allow the Israelites to do anything for themselves when they were in the desert, He is not going to let us do more for ourselves than He wants to do, and will.  Why were they put in the desert?  So they could not grow anything for themselves.  God wouldn't even allow them to slaughter their own flocks and herds so they could have meat.  He sent them quail. Quail?  In the desert?  Yes, so that the Israelites would 'recognize' that nothing was impossible to Him, and He was the one who was sustaining them!  Quail do not live in the desert!  They had a lot of wealth with them, when they left Egypt, but no place to spend it! There was nothing they could do for themselves in the desert, where not even weeds grow! 

Many of you are in a desert, even if you have a job!  This is the time to be humble before God, and let me tell you what the word humble means in the original Hebrew:
'To place yourself under the hand of God' so that He can protect and guide you.  It doesn't mean to grovel before God.  The price Jesus paid for us to go boldly before the throne of God was too great for that.  We are royalty, we have His spirit in us, we are inbued with His greatness, and there is nothing we can't do, once we know what His plans are for us, just agree with them!  Agree with Him!  Fear not!  This desert time didn't come to stay.  IT CAME TO PASS! As for me, I am more than excited to let Him do 'His Thing,' because He can do all things, nothing is impossible to God.  This is just a little thing to Him.  So, I am getting out of His way and letting Him do His Will.
I am not afraid, not because of who I am, but because of WHOSE I am!  I am God's favorite daughter, (He can have more than one, you know), and the apple of His eye. I am so precious to Him that He gave His only Son for me!  How about you?  Are you one of the ones He died for?  You bet you are!  Don't let that small voice in your head tell you differently.  It is just your mind dishing out what it has chosen to store just to throw it back at you!  Take on the mind of Christ who thought it no robbery (to God) to call Himself the Son of God.  If you don't believe you are good enough to call  yourself 'a child of God' then you are taking away from the death of Christ, and it's cost and value.  Embrace it, accept it, believe it, and walk in it!  He thought you were good enough, don't call Him a liar! 

Children don't go to bed in fear that they may not have enough food the next day, or a roof over their heads.  I choose to do the same!  And tonight, I will do what I do every night; go to sleep, soundly, and leave the rest where it belongs; in the Hand of God, my God, my Father!

I don't know how to get this out to everyone, but God does, and He will see to it that it gets out to those who need to hear any of this.  After all, this is what He told me to do, the rest is none of my business! 
The most creative things come to be by people thinking outside the box!  Take your faith outside YOUR BOX and let God show you the Box He is using!  He created the entire universe, most of which we don't even know about, and that is the faith He has in us, and the faith He is trying to create in us!  Notice that the book of Acts in the New Testament is the only book in the Bible that does not have an 'Amen' at the end of it.  That is because it is not finished.  WE ARE SUPPOSED TO FINISH IT!  Jesus said, 'And greater things than these shall you do.'  What things?  Jesus raised the dead, healed the blind, the lame and leprosy. 

But where are we supposed to start?  We are to see that faith working in our lives first! 
Then tell others about what God has done for us.  When God told Moses to enter the Red Sea and He would part it so the Israelites could cross, God didn't part the Red Sea until Moses put his feet in the water first.  His faith in what God had said was true, is why he put his feet into the water.  What happened then was that as soon as God parted the Red Sea, the rest of the people followed, without fear that the waters would close over them and drown them.  If Moses had not stepped into the sea, they would all have  perished at the hands of Pharoah and his soldiers.  Today, we are facing the Red Sea, and what is behind us are not soldiers, but the fears we might feel during this time.  Move into the sea, confident that God will make a way for you through all of this, because He will. Why?  Because He is not a man that He should lie, and His word is true, and He made a blood covenant with Jesus, and we are the beneficiaries of that covenant.  This is why it is called the 'New Testament'.  It was the last will and testament by Jesus, what He wanted in return for His sacrifice on the cross. This is why a last will and testament has such power in the courts after someone dies. The wishes of the decedent are respected because that is the last word on what he wanted done with whatever he left behind.  When Jesus died, He didn't leave us, and His last will and testament tells us what He left for us.  God will honor that, make no mistake about it.  In fact, He promises to enforce it. 

Consider this, when God made a blood covenant with Abraham, it was only with the blood of animals, and God fulfilled that covenant with Abraham.  How much more will He fulfill the covenant He made with the blood of Jesus, His only begotten Son?  Think about that for a moment and realize that if He took His covenant with Abraham that seriously, because of the blood covenant He made, with animal blood, what is He willing to do for the covenant made with His Son's blood?  Quit looking at how unworthy you are!  Quit thinking about all the reason why God will not fulfill His covenant with you because of what you have done!  It has nothing to do with you!  This is the covenant between God and Jesus!  We are the heirs of that covenant!  And the covenant between them didn't say, 'IF THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH' this is what they will receive!'  No, the only condition that was required was for Jesus to shed His blood for us, and HE DID THAT!  Making what we do or don't do, how good or not we are, a condition is not only wrong, it is arrogant!  We are also saying that the word of God between Him and His Son is dependent on us!  That we can nullify their covenant!   

This is that time, you were raised for a 'time such as this.'  Look at the book of Ruth.  She had a secret, she was a Jewess, and if that were to be found out, she would have lost her position as Queen, and might have even been killed.  But she knew that if she didn't do what she was supposed to do, a whole nation would suffer.  We are in that place today.  Your faith, our faith, is what God is looking for NOW.  We have to stand firmly on the faith we have.  It is not us who is doing any of the things He wants to do.  He is merely asking that we tell others what He is doing and has done.  Why?  Because when we share with others what we have seen, heard and experienced with God, other's faith is strengthened.  What we say is important for this very reason.  This is why I am writing this. I cannot express strongly enough how important it is for us to stand firm now.  Others are watching us.  Don't be distracted by what non-believers are saying, and there are many. 

October 23rd, 2009
The lady who was supposed to call me yesterday about my benefits, didn't.  This morning I was going to call her, but I stopped myself because that action would  have seemed that I was 'concerned' about the situation.  I will not do that because I gave it to God yesterday, and it will stay in His hands.  I feel total peace about it. This is lesson I learned long ago.  When we give something to God, and we worry, we take it from His hands onto ours.  The lady will call me when she has reviewed my file, and I expect God to guide her on my behalf.  Is that too pollyanic, you think?  I don't.  I have seen Him move 'ferociously' on my behalf.  And no, God does NOT move in mysterious ways.  That is not even Biblical.  When He moves, you will see it.  Most will call it coincidence, odd, strange, and even wonderful, but few will give God credit for what He does because they still don't believe He does move on 'their' behalf.  But I have been privy to too many things in my life to call it anything than what it was; His work in my life.  Even God said, 'many will blame me for what I don't do, and give me no credit for what I do.'  I have done it myself until I learned better.  I can tell you that when something happens to us that causes us pain, we get angry at God.  That alone should tell us that we are wrong.  When God does something, we don't feel anger, because He doesn't bring us pain, we do that on our own, or some other person does something to us. 

I will keep you posted on how this situation turns out.  Imagine, if my benefits don't come through, I could end on the street!  Maybe, maybe not.  I think not!

October 25th, 2009
Well, yesterday I got a letter saying that I was not qualified for extended benefits, and another letter telling me that if I don't pay over a $1,109.00 by Nov. 7th, they will 'exercise their rights under the law'.  That means in plain English that I will lose my car, even though I have paid for it for 3 and a half years.  Well, unemployment is not something I created.  Labor Board said that I can appeal, that would take another 6 weeks to process, by which time my car would be a done deal, and I still have to pay rent.  So, I did the only thing I could do, I RAN TO THE FATHER, and told Him that this situation was now in His hands because I had done all I could humanly do, and there was nothing else I could do.  So, that is where it is.  I will wait to see what God will do and continue to do all I can to find employment.  After 19+ months, and sending resumes to three states, I have only had 2 interviews, and no response from the other potential employers.  So, that is where it is folks, and now the only other thing I EXPECT is for God's divine intervention and a touch of His Grace.  That's all it takes, just a touch of His Grace and doors that were once shut will open.  Yes, I am EXPECTING a Miracle at this time.  'I will meet you at the point of your need', is something I stand on.  And He has never let me down. 

Been on tough roads before, and still, here I am!  I have reason to have faith in Him.  When I am in a tight spot, and have nowhere else to turn, I get excited because that is when I see Him MOVE!  So, keep a good thought and stand strong in your faith!  He will get us through!  Count on it!.  God Bless all of you!

October 29th, 2009 - Thursday
Well, we got over 15 inches of snow, and still snowing, in the last 24 hours.  I was going to go get some containers so I could start packing to move out of my apartment, but I can't go out!  For two days the roads cannot be traveled, many businesses are closed, and roads, and schools.  So I have lost two days when I should be packing and getting ready.  Or not.  I have learned not to put anything past God to keep me in place sometimes.  One time I was leaving work, and I felt like a nudge against my shoulder and I heard, 'don't leave yet'.  I was surprised but I didn't question it because I had learned to listen to these little nudges.  Not 15 seconds later I felt it was okay to leave.  I headed to the street in front of where I worked.  I had parked my car at the curb outside the building.  As I approached my car, while I was about 45 feet away, a car came down the road on my left side, the driver was not paying attention and hit the driver side of my car and didn't stop.  Had I left when I wanted to, I would have been standing at that very spot trying to unlock my car door.  I would have either had  my legs mangled, or worse.  So today I was wondering, and trust me I know this sounds arrogant, is God trying to tell me something?  Such as, 'don't get ahead of me.  I didn't say I wanted you gone from here yet.'  And this is true, He hasn't told me, but I figure that if you can't pay your rent, some well meaning soul is going to 'invite' you to leave!  But, I don't have to be out of here today, or tomorrow.  I still have 9 or 10 days, and 'point of need is not here yet!'  Plus, a few years ago when I was studying one day, I was standing in my kitchen and I forget exactly what I asking God for or about.  But I will never forget what I heard next.  (I must have been asking for something, and didn't see how it could happen.  I was too new in the Word to know that He knew what I needed).  He said, 'Whatever you need, and it doesn't exist, I can create it in 6 seconds flat.'  I don't know why the 6 seconds, nor what I could possibly need that didn't already existed somewhere.  But I didn't question it.  Does God talk to us that clearly?  Yes, He does, and the reason He does is because He paid a big price, so that we could communicate with each other.  A two way communication, which was not available before.  Before, God spoke to the Prophets and they would tell the people what God had told them.  Not anymore! 

So I looked out and now 36 hours later, it is still snowing and I can't go out and do anything to prepare to leave. Well, I will just wait.  I am a fast packer.  I have already packed everything in my mind, what I will take, what I will give away, what I will put in storage and so forth.  I can pack a house in 4 hours and unpack it in less.  I am very organized and attached to nothing.  Things for me are just that, things.  All replaceable.  But I want to state clearly right now, that I am not willing to 'lose' anything that God wants me to keep, and it doesn't matter how the circumstances look.  I am not willing to get ahead of God.  We all know that many of us have been 'robbed' of things because we were walking with God, but He also promised that we would get things back.  We, as Christians, have been robbed enough!  So, I am not willing to help with further robbery in my life. 
Tomorrow, the news crew says, that we will get sunshine tomorrow, and the day after.  Which means that I will be able to go out on the road and get what I need to pack.  But I also know that I can unpack, so we will see.  God knows He can stop me very quickly with just a small nudge.  I recognize His nudges very well.  So, I am going to get off now, and make a nice pot of homemade chicken and dumplings.  It's just that kind of day! Yes, I  make my own dumplings! I make my own tortillas too!  I feel funny.  What if nobody is reading this and I am just talking to myself?  No, I'm not. God can hear me.